America's Best Karate of Danville offers instruction from an Internationally certified Master Instructor. 

America's Best Karate of Danville is the charter school for K.A.M.A. (Korean American Martial Arts Association).  It is an independent affiliation embracing the honor and traditions of the Haw Rang Do code of honor while acknowledging the changes and evolution of the modern worldwide society of today.  At our school there will be no lines drawn separating ourselves from other martial arts schools.  At our school our students will enjoy all the benefits of Tae Kwon Do and the fundamentals that are shared throughout all martial arts.  We hope to share our knowledge with others to broaden and diversify our art and bring the benefits of martial arts to all who will embrace it.

Associations like the I.T.F. (International Tae Kwon Do Federation), W.T.F. (World Tae Kwon Do Federation), A.T.A. (American Tae Kwon Do Association), and the U.S.T.U. (United States Tae Kwon Do Union), to name just a few, serve to bring validation and quality assurance to their respective organizations in much the same way a tradesman union ensures certain skill sets and time in rank for apprentice, journeyman, and master level craftsmen.  There are usually dues or association fees involved with these organizations and interested students from America's Best Karate can obtain their Black Belt certification through the WTF or World Kido Federation.   

The schools affiliated with K.A.M.A. are self-governing.  We are currently small enough that the associated schools still maintain consistent friendly relations to each other, supporting and encouraging each other, but large enough to be acknowledged by high ranking masters of a diversity of martial arts both similar and different from our own.  Currently there are 4 other ABK schools under the K.A.M.A. banner.  Our validation also comes from our competitors.  Although America's Best Karate has not made a point of attending tournament competitions, those students interested have become National Champions and Jr. Olympic Gold Medalists.  The Black Belts produced out of our schools, when deciding to diversify their knowledge by attending different martial arts schools, have received high praise for their skills.  Successful students moving on to universities like U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, and other schools of high regard, is another testament to the self discipline and goal setting abilities our schools teach.