Our core curriculum is based on the traditional art of Tae Kwon Do, known for its kicks and footwork, it also incorporates elements of Hapkido, a grappling and throwing art as well as Okinawan and Filipino weapons. This well rounded curriculum gives our students the essential understanding of self defense concepts, as well as everyday movements for everyday life, such as bending, squatting and lifting or falling without injury.

America’s Best Karate of Danville teaches more than Tae Kwon Do. Our traditional martial arts curriculum includes traditional forms, reality-based self defense, sparring, weapons training and test breaking, using powerful strikes with speed and accuracy to break boards and bricks.

The benefits of training result in improved:

  • mental focus

  • balance and coordination

  • core strength

  • character development

  • social growth

  • life skills: self accountability, self discipline, self esteem and self expression

These are some of the tools necessary to achieve authentic success and well being.

In addition, here is a list of the Neurological benefits of training in our system:

- Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, resulting in delivery of more oxygen, an important fuel for brain use.
- Increases levels of nor-epinephrine and endorphin’s which results in a reduction of stress and improves attitude and memory retention.
- Helps to create new nerve cells and supports synaptic plasticity by increasing certain growth factors.
- Increases neurological connections which aids in learning and memory recall.
- Engagement of practical & functional use of imagination.

We are always excited to welcome new students to our school. Our relationship with each student is taken seriously and we are committed to helping them in achieving their training goals.

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