America’s Best Karate was founded in 1982 by Five Time World Champion Master George Chung and 3 Time World Champion Master Anthony Chan. 
ABK has a diverse history from Martial Arts Training of the World Champion San Francisco 49ers to creating Emy Award Winning Children’s Programming on PBS “Kangaroddy”. 

In 1993 America’s Best Karate of Danville was established, continuing a tradition of excellence in Martial Arts education and competition sport.
For nearly two decades our students have reached the mark of excellence.  Some have become National Champions in Olympic Tae Kwon Do, others have received Sports Scholarships inFootball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Basketball and Swimming.  Students from our program have reached academic prowess, earningacceptance and in some cases academic scholarships at Higher Learning Institutions such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and other outstanding schools across the nation, including Harvard , Northwestern and West Point.  
Our students have a track record of becoming leaders in their community, from West Point Military Commanders to NASA Engineers and Professionals in varied fields, some have even become successful educators and Martial Arts School Owners. 

America’s Best Karate has curriculum consistent with martial philosophy. Our goal is to strengthen the body through hard work and strengthen the mind through education, elevating the human spirit toimprove one’s quality of life.

Self Accountability - Discipline, Integrity and Leadership
Self Confidence - Respect for self and others
Self Esteem - Good behavior and school performance
Self Awareness - Focus, Balance and Coordination
Personal Safetyand Conflict Management -  Alertness
Environmental Safety, Health and Nutrition
Self Determination - Strength, Balance and Coordination
These benefits apply for children and adults alike. 

Karate A to Z - Pre-K program
Tae Kwon Do classes for children and adults
Special Needs Programs
Personal Protection Classes
Multiple family member discounts