Monthly Testing and Belt Advancement

Testing at America's Best Karate of Danville is a monthly event. There are no classes scheduled on the day of testing.  The testing day usually falls on the last or 2nd to last Friday of each month. Our monthly newsletter and calendar always include the current month's testing date. Our website also has a current monthly calendar, which highlights the testing date of the month. 

All students who have the minimum attendance days are encouraged to come to most of the classes during the week before testing, as it is the clearance for testing week.  During that time the master instructors will be evaluating those students, based on their belt's curriculum and at the discretion of the master instructors, the students who demonstrate the appropriate level of ability will be invited to test.  At that time students have to register for testing at the office.  The deadline is no later than 7pm on the Monday before the testing day for testing clearance and registration. 

Students are encouraged to ask their instructor what they need to work on, however they can not approach their instructor and ask if they can test. Our instructors will determine if someone is ready for testing and the ability that the students display is directly related to the amount of progress that they have displayed, as well as self control, humility and determination to learn and better their detail.  We also encourage students to set realistic goals, practice at home and ask for help from more advanced students. 

The testing groups are as follows:

4pm - 5pm Testing for White/Black, Yellow, Orange, Green and Green-I

5pm - 6:30pm Testing for Purple, Purple-I, Blue, Brown, Red, Red/Black

6:30 - 7:30pm Adult Testing for All Belts

Please, stop by the office or call us if you have further questions regarding our testing procedures.